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Kiko Goats For Sale

In 2008 we participated in our first forage based buck test in  Oklahoma.  Our bucks finished in first, fifth and fourteenth place, out of 58 bucks.  This won us our first two banners, for grand champion buck  and top herdsman.  

In 2009 we entered bucks in both Western Maryland and  Oklahoma buck tests.  We finished first, fourth, sixth and seventh in  Maryland.  Once again, this won plaques for top buck and best consignment. We also had the top selling buck in the Western Maryland  test sale.  Our  three bucks finished third, seventh and eighth, in the  Oklahoma test and we won a banner for top herdsman for our bucks' low fecals.

In 2010, for the second year in a row, we won plaques at the Western Maryland test  for top buck and best consignment.  The bucks  finished first, third and seventh  and we had the highest selling buck in the sale, for the second year straight.  In 2011 we had the best overall  buck,  for low fecals, on the Western Maryland test and 901 sired the  first place buck  for Luke Miller, from Indiana.  901 was raised by us and  finished fourth place in  the 2009 Maryland test.  AFK Bullet was the seventh place buck, from the 2010 Maryland test, and was purchased by Randy and Jodie Majancsik, from Kentucky.

 In  the 2012 Maryland test, AFK Bullet sired the bucks for the Majancsiks  that  won them their first award of best consignment.  In 2013, after  sitting out from  buck testing for a year, Adams Family Kikos came back  with a bang.  With bucks in  the Maryland test out of our new sire,  "Shogan", we finished second, fifth and fourteenth.  John  Weber, a new  co-op breeder of Adams Family Kikos, entered bucks in the Maryland  test,  for his first buck test. Weber's bucks all out of "Shogun", finished  first, fifth, seventh and eighth, for average daily gain and he won his first buck test award, for best consignment.

 Adams Family Kikos and their genetics have won more buck tests than any  Kiko breeder in the history of the Kiko industry.  This is the kind of  consistency that new or  current Kiko breeders need to look at when  purchasing new Kikos for their herds!!  We also have studied the  different bloodlines and know a lot of old Kiko history.  We are always  here to answer questions and give free advice, so feel free to call Craig  …     Anytime.

Adams Family Kikos is located in Litchfield, IL, about 50 miles NE of  St. Louis, MO.  It is owned and operated by Craig Adams.

We have been  raising top quality Kiko Breeding stock since 2002.

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